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Dip tank systems

Dip tank systems come in many different forms. The standard automated dip tank system with stainless steel roller carriage and roller out-feed for two lumber bundles and drip pan below to catch chemical dripping from bundles in waiting.

The standard system is basically design for the forklift driver to load the dip tank directly. Then start the dipping process with a remote control and the lumber pack will automatically exit onto the out-feed rollers.

The automatic dip tank system on the right was based on a 20x10x8 ft tank for dipping double lumber bundles. This system can also be ordered for single pack systems.


Dipping process of a standard dip tank system with out-feed rollers.


Step 1:
First lumber bundle is loaded.

Step 2:
First lumber bundle is being dipped.

Step 3:
First lumber bundle is existing onto out-feed rollers.


Step 4:
Second bundle is loaded and then dipped.

Step 5:
Second bundle has existed onto outfeed rollers.

Step 6:
Third bundle is loaded and forklift can now remove first bundles to make room for third bundle existing in 4 minutes.

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