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The Eagle dip tank system is manufactured for the lumber industry in either 100% stainless steel or stainless/mild steel version. Eagle dip tanks are designed with our customers future growth in mind. A customer can start with the tank and add the hydraulic hoist system later, while eventually progressing towards a higher production set up, by adding an automatic in and out feed system with drip pan for maximum recovery of chemicals.
Eagle dip tanks were initially only manufactured in stainless steel. Our all stainless steel design is very competitive with other semi-stainless steel systems, due to several innovative manufacturing methods. We are certain that the slightly higher initial investment is saved in lower chemical cost, elimination of re-coating every 2 years, and easier maintenance. The most important factor with stainless steel is the increased quality of processed lumber; as the chemical dip is not continually exposed to corrosion from mild steel.


WxLxH: 20'x6'x6'. (Tower is 14' high) (Add 3' for back support)
All stainless steel or mild steel with epoxy coating.
Main hydraulic cylinder moves the package carriage up/down and the lumber bundle is secured from floating with a double clamp down operated by a smaller hydraulic cylinder.
All hydraulic and mechanical parts have been placed on the outside of the dip tank. In addition, inside the dip tank, UHMW wear plates are utilized to minimize/eliminate contamination from grease, oil, corrosion, etc.
Hydraulic system is designed for 2500 psi, however, will normally operate at 1800 to 2000 psi. The pump is rated at 4 gpm with a 7.5 HP motor, this gives you a lift time of 25-35 seconds. System is pre-installed.
Electrical controls are fully automated with pressure sensing switches and remote controls. The controller is based on a simple relay and timer system serviceable by any local electrician.


Pictures shown are a 16' bundle being dipped. The bundle is submerged for about 2-3 min.
This dip time is adjustable(1-10 min.) inside the control cabinet.


Control cabinet and Stainless steel carriage (forks) with clampdown.

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